We are a professional technology services company based in Buffalo, NY

We serve clients nationwide in need of custom software development,
business automation, and system support & maintenance.

Our Areas of Focus


Creating innovative custom development solutions to meet the objectives of our clients.


Streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency through cutting-edge and leading technologies.


Providing proactive support and timely solutions to keep your technology infrastructure robust.

Meet our Team

With over 100+ years of combined experience the Sysarro team drives excellence by delivering tailored solutions for clients.

Thom Russell

CEO / Engineering Director

Cassie Smith

Operations Manager

Stephanie Lukaszewski

Steph Lukaszewski

Operations Assistant

Joe Copella

Product Owner

Corey Cramer

Engineering Team Lead

Clayton Northrup


Larsen Coles


Ryan Malmos


Ready to discuss the services you need?

505 Ellicott St. Suite A43 Buffalo, NY 14203

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